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Mage Spell List

Post by Fabled on Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:45 pm

Side note before the list: Each element can be used anywhere, even in-doors, however to create a spell out of nothing will take a lot more energy and be far more taxing on their energy than if they had a resource for their power nearby, for example, fighting near a lake while casting water spells.

Fire List:

On the elemental wheel, this element is weaker against water, unless the user is strong enough to create enough fire to cause evaporation. Fireball:
Takes little to no effort to cast, not much of a spray when it hits the target, but may be able to send a shirt sleeve up in flames for a while. Causes minor burns upon impact.

Tier 1:
Fire Blast:
One up from your average Fireball, due to it being slightly bigger sized, a noticeable amount hotter, and causes a slight spray upon impact. Will still only cause minor burns, but may bubble your enemies flesh for a short period of time, or be able to send a torso region up in flames .

Fire Path:
More of a fun spell to use more than anything, if your character should ever get lost while in the middle of no where, part way through a quest, you can use this spell to return to a previous place. Where that place is can be up to you, but it may not be used to further yourself in a quest, also this isn't a teleport spell, it will
merely create a fire trail along the ground for your character to follow.

Fire Guardian:
For one post only, this spell can protect you against incoming attacks (though some may still hit.) If cast successfully it will create a giant golem to stand before you, it's arms spread out to the side, and will not  allow anyone to pass by.
Note: This spell may not be used to escape a fight, it is merely there to protect you for other purposes.
Tier 2:

Tier 3:
Phoenix Flare:
This spell allows the user to create up to 10 fireballs around their body based on level of mastery and rank. These 10 fireballs can then ether be fired simultaneously or one by one, on either a set area or a target. If all 10 hit, the results can be very disasterous for the person on the receiving end.

Tier 4:
Dragon Breath:
Once the user has built up enough energy, they can either manipulate flames around them, or create flames of their own which are then changed into the form of a large dragon head. This spells power and reliability are stressed, to the point where a master in flame spells, and especially someone who has mastered this technique can scorch an entire landscape.

Flame Immunity:
An innate ability that is learned at the 4th Tier that allows the user to be immune to any type of fire spells preventing any major damage being taken by someone with this ability.

Water Spells:
This element is stronger against fire, due to its natural state being able to put out any flames, but it is weaker against Earth users due to the fact their spells can simply stop the water reaching its target.
Tier 1:
Water gunshot:
Creates up from one to five small water balls, which can either be fired at the target singularly or as a whole group. How many can be created depends on the users skill and rank.

This spell allows the user to "hide" within any form of water, be it a puddle on the ground or a large waterfall. While hidden, those who are higher ranked can sense you, but anyone lower will not know you're there meaning you can listen in on their conversations, surprise attack, or simply just spy on their movements.

Tier 2:
Tidal Force:
Creates a small tidal wave before the user, standing only a few meters taller than the average person. This is more of a defensive move than an offensive, for it gives the user time to do as he or she wishes while the tide still stands, or it can be used to force their enemies back by sweeping them backwards.
Note: This may not be used to leave a battle with another person, it may only be used to do other things during this time.

Tier 3:
Shark Frenzy:
This spell encases the user in a solid square of water, held together with their power, while summoning sharks to attack the enemy. This spell will only last for two posts unless the sharks are killed beforehand. While using this spell, the user is unable to move, and their speed for spell casting is hindered considerably due to the water surrounding them.

Tier 4:
Manipulatory Liquid:
This spell requires quite a lot of water to be nearby unless of high enough rank to perform with no water nearby at all. The user manipulates the form of the water into a Gorgon of their choosing, which is more commonly seen to be an animal. This can then be used to attack the enemy while remaining at a safe distance, though when the user stops manipulating the water, it will drop to become a simple puddle on the floor. Which may then be used to re-cast this spell, or more easily perform others.

Wind Spells:
Gale Palm:
User claps their hands together which sends forth a gale of wind, on its own its a pretty basic attack that can also be used to hinder an opponent. This spell can be used in conjunction with projectile weaponry in order to increase their speed and their damage potential.

Earth List:
This Element is strong against Water, due to its natural state to divert and manipulate the waters path. However this element is weak against Lightning as the earth is a conductor of the element and the lightning spells can travel right through the earth.

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