Classes - Who to be?

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Classes - Who to be?

Post by Fabled on Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:41 pm

As most role-playing sites go, it isn't often you see one with no classes at all, because if that were the case, there wouldn't be any means to be different from the next guy. Here at Volkaim, we like to think everyone has all the opportunity possible in order to choose whichever path they want and how they want, so their character turns out exactly as they had imagined it from the beginning. The first way to do so, is to pick a class. For those who are experienced in role-playing you won't need too much of an introduction on what classes are, while for those who are new however, classes are a set speciality your class can be and is a huge impact on how you character can turn out. For example a Mage would require a lot of intelligence in order to weave the most craziest spells possible, while a knight may wish to either choose a lot of Strength to cleave enemies in two, or a lot of Health in order to take all the hits and remain un-phased.

Here at Volkaim we have a small number of classes to pick from so choose carefully, because once a class has been chosen, you may not change it further down the line, and as I previously mentioned, it will have a huge impact on your how you work your character.

Ever wanted to carry a big shield and an even bigger sword, wearing double your body weight in armour while galloping across the landscape on a very fast horse? Well, you could if you chose to be a knight, for they are courageous, full of valour, and keep to their word. That would be of course if every knight were the same, but lucky for you they don't all have to be. If you preferred to wonder around with general clothes on, maybe a cloak while shooting people through the eye from fifty paces, then you may do that too. The main key to a Knight is their vow, once they become a full fledged Knight they may wonder between Kingdoms until they find one they wish to serve. When this moment takes place, they must say a vow to protect that Kingdom until their last breath, or be hunted down and dragged back while attached to a horse should they desert. Though of course, only those who aren't very good Knights would actually get caught.

More common in the old days due to the level of home security we now have, these guys would often skulk the streets during the day to listen for any news that may lead to another person leaving their homes, for example if they were going to a family reunion. Once they were gone, the Thief would slip into their empty home for a couple of hours and pillage whatever they could find that would make them a profit on the black market. Thieves may also take on the roll of a spy during the day due to the amount of news they hear, a Kingdom can be in high demand of them in order to learn what the other Kingdoms are up to. During combat, these guys prefer to dual wield two long knives, or two of any long, pointy weapon so long as it gets the job done, while normally fashioning darker clothing in order to be less seen at night.

This class is one many know of if they have ever dabbled in the history's of the world. Marching to a rhythmic drum beat, they are feared on land where their opponents are met by hoards of the worlds once most feared fighting force. Not only this, but to traverse the sea they built long boats, long enough to easily sit twenty men one behind the other on benches, and normally with a few others beside them to command the huge oars these vessels used to maneuverer. There weapon of choice is normally either a spear or a small, single edged battle axe, alongside a large round shield which would cover them from neck to thigh. Though this is what they are commonly seen to use, it has been known for a Viking to simple kill with whatever was nearest at the time. Normally ones to keep to themselves, this class is rarely seen with a kingdom, or even seen anywhere near one. However, should one wish to earn a bit of extra coin in order to survive a harsh winter, they can be known to do their dirty work.

Most Pirates have now sunk into legend such as the notorious Blackbeard, but these sea farers are still going very strong. Rarely seen on land unless stocking up on supplies or simply spending their gold on rum, these scurvy dogs are not ones to be meddled with. As far as alliances are concerned, one may as well forget it unless the other is also a Pirate who is willing to strike a deal that is favourable to both sides. While on land, they tend to use sabers such as a scimitar or long knives in order to get the job done, which tends to mean going all out in comparison to the above class the Vikings, who prefer a solid offense and defence whenever in combat. While on the seas, Pirates will bolster over all about how fast their ship can travel, while making threats about how much damage their cannons can do. When not in combat, they can be found searching the land for treasure, or pillaging the homes of previous (and now dearly departed) enemies, for whatever plunder they can get their hands on.

The Mage is the one of the more mysterious classes out of the bunch, preferring to stick their noses in old tomes than to have even a short conversation with another person. Their powerful magic is the most sought after thing throughout the land, though unless you fight a Mage who has managed to learn how to swing a sword long enough to keep themselves alive, they fair little chance when confronted up close. Tending to affiliate with the highest bidder, Mages are often found here and there due to having no real alliance, while often even choosing to go alone should they have some form of personal quest which means more to them than gold. This class also offers quite a range due to the many branches of magic it can wield, though in order to cast these spells they prefer to wave a staff around, it has been known for them to cast them merely with their hands.

The most noble class out of the player's list of choices, these old and ancient order are the longest lasting and have records lasting thousands of years to prove their prowess in battle, with few ever surviving a fight with them. Obviously wielding a Katana as their weapon of choice, they can also be found using a bow should the need for long range combat ever arise. Once a Samurai chooses a Kingdom to serve, the chances are they will remain in that Kingdom due to their unwavering loyalty, and will quite often not join Kingdom unless accompanied by a small party of their brethren. Should a Samurai ever disgrace the leader of their Kingdom, or go against their wishes, they may be banished to become Ronin or leaderless Samurai. This means they will find it harder to enter another Kingdom again, but may band with other Ronin in order to increase their survivability or to further their own assets.

Even just seeing the word should make you understand exactly what this class is, but just in case there are some who are utterly clueless, I'll give some detail too. These guys are a fighting force amongst themselves, trained in martial arts from an early age, they can easily spin kick their way through at least five wooden blocks, without even causing a bruise. When not using their fists to pummel whatever it is that gets in their way to the ground, they can be found using kunai, a short bladed weapon which may be used singularly or dual wielded depending on the users preference. Alongside this there is the shuriken, a circular spiked disk which is thrown like a Frisbee through the air cutting into whatever makes contact with it first. When it comes to joining a Kingdom, Ninjas are hard to come by or at least, by themselves. Their training growing up makes them partial to groups of three, though this isn't always the case, they seem to work better that way.

These guys will probably start off as being one of the more boring classes out of the bunch (So do be warned!) This is mainly due to the fact they are a non-combat related class who have no weapons at all, and therefore if you came here to pick everyone off one by one, to begin with, this class will not be your best friend. As a job, they research the land in order to find new places to create settlements, new areas to excavate for resources, and other such jobs. Not only this but it is there job to keep the history records in check, and to re-write any old volumes that may become damaged or worn. Due to their lack of excitement, this class are able to learn a lot more technological things than the other classes, which may or may not lead to great things.

Similar to the Knight, these guys have a tendency of wearing armour, though tending to be much faster than a Knight due to their lighter armour choices. Often frowned upon due to their armour being in the style of a Dragon, the Dragoons also like to keep their enemies at bay. Where a Knight would choose a sturdy sword to cleave those who come close, the Dragoon chooses a lance or halberd, which is rarely accompanied by any form of defence, to spin and twirl in a deadly dance around their bodes to catch anyone off guard around them. Should they find themselves in a tricky long ranged situation, they may use a bow to pick off their targets, but their armour makes it difficult to hit their mark each time.

Warriors in their own right but only when the need arises. The Monks are charged from a young age to protect their temples by any means, as it contains the portal, which is said in legend to hold the Realm of the Gods. Though the Gods remain in eternal slumber, should anyone cross over, they will awaken and Monks believe the world should be run by its inhabitants and not by the Gods themselves. When in combat, Monks rarely use any form of weaponry, preferring to use ancient martial arts styles against their opponents, but on occasion you may see them wield a long but strong wooden pole for that extra reach when surrounded. Because of this, their ranged combat is almost none-existent, and therefore they prefer to find a companion whom makes up for their lack of skills in this area. Monks offer one service to their Kingdom, and that is the use of the Mirror of Redemption, which may clear any persons sins and allow them to new strengths and goals in life.

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