Leveling System - How It Works.

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Leveling System - How It Works.

Post by Fabled on Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:07 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome to the levelling system rules and more or less everything you need to know about how it works. In this guide I will cover everything you need to know and take on board in order to not only begin role-playing with confidence (Because it helps to know how you progress from the start,) While also giving you all the details you need to hopefully become one of the strongest role-players one day.

Starting Out.
Well unfortunately, everyone needs to start from somewhere in order to get anywhere with. well, anything. Generally you will start out at a very basic level with very basic stats so you can begin posting and working your way up the ladder of success. Here at Volkaim, we're certainly no different in the way things work, and when you finally get your application accepted and you are given the go to start role-playing, and when you begin, unfortunately things aren't exceptionally exciting.

Rank: 0
Health: 500
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 5
Vitality: 5

Those are the stats and rank everyone will start off with when they begin their role-playing adventure. It is once that has all been understood and of course your character has been accepted, that you are then let loose on the forums to write whatever fate you wish upon your character.

Ranking Up.
Of course, nobody wishes to be at the bottom of the ladder throughout their entire existence, and I'm sure your character will soon begin to complain if he can't progress much further than what he already is, and therefore you will be able to rank up through four tiers of ranks until you reach the king pin at the top. How this works is your posts will be voted on by the Moderatng team, based upon how well you post, how many quests you have taken part in and your content during those quests, how well you've organised your character if you were to take part in a quest (Such as training beforehand etc,) and more importantly how well you've been able to stay on topic throughout your posts.

It's obviously understood that a lot of people will think decisions will be biased, but to counteract that the whole Moderating panel will be able to vote on your ranking, and any biased opinions won't be allowed, or will be severely punished.

Once your ranking has been agreed upon and your allowed to progress onto the next rank, you will be able to then customise how your character will be based. Each rank will give you an extra 100 Health, increasing your survivability while in combat or generally training. Alongside this, you will be given four stats to distribute how you wish amongst five base stats. These as I said can be done as you wish, but bare in mind how you want your character to turn out, whether to be a power house, tanky with lots of health, or a magic wielding pro, each stat will determine how good your character is at each of these things and more.

Sum Up.
Well there we go folks, everything you need to know about how to progress in the role-playing world of Volkaim in one handy guide. Just remember your ranking will be voted upon by the Moderators, each rank gives you 100 Health, and four distributional stat points, and everywhere starts out in the rather basic, but very similar boat.

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